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Hünnebeck launches Topec DH slab formwork system

Hünnebeck launches Topec DH slab formwork system

8. aprilie 2019

Hünnebeck presents Topec DH, an extension of its successful slab decking system  Topec. Topec DH was introduced to meet the needs of all customers, some of whom have expressed distinct preferences for a drophead system. Based on the job-site proven standard Topec panel design, the Topec DH introduces a light-weight aluminum primary beam, advanced drophead, and flexible compensation member to the line-up.

Larger grid-size saves labor

“Right away, Topec DH has the potential to save contractors on labor. The system is based on a nominal 1.8m x 2.4m grid, which is 25% larger than other comparable systems,” explains Glen Teel, President, BrandSafway Global Forming & Shoring. This larger grid dimension requires fewer post shores, ultimately reducing the number of components that a contractor must handle on site. The design engineers were able to achieve this larger grid size without sacrificing component weight – the heaviest single element of the system weighs less than 20kg, allowing for easy and safe handling.

Sloping Conditions are easily addressed

Another innovation of the Topec DH system: Slabs with sloping soffits, often found in parking or other structures to accommodate water drainage, can be a challenge to form efficiently. Topec DH was designed with this challenge in mind. The system can accommodate an 8% slope, allowing peak, valley, and ramp conditions to be formed with ease. This is accomplished with only standard system components, eliminating any confusion over specialty parts – the same system goes from flat to incline, seamlessly. A key component for this functionality is the Compensation Beam – with its unique composite construction, the Compensation conforms to the irregular geometry of sloped slabs, which seals the system and leads to a clean, tight, leak-free system. Another key feature of the Compensation Beam and Drophead is realized during the stripping procedure. By making a positive connection to the Drophead, the Compensation is simply hinged away from the slab, where it can be easily and safely handled by the worker removing the shoring posts, without risk of falling.

Lightshore System adds features and functionality to Topec DH

The Lightshore aluminum shoring system further adds labor savings and is the perfect match for the Topec DH system. The Lightshore post is constructed with aluminum collars installed at key locations. These collars mate with the combination wedge fitting found on the ledger frame, which allows the fame to be installed quickly and easily by a single worker. The wedge and collar combination holds the ledger frame in position once placed on the post shore, and then ledger fittings can be installed afterward. The collar and wedge fitting also serve as the basis for another critical feature of the system. By developing a Single Tube Brace, the system grid can be installed ahead of the panel installation. The Tube Brace is simply mounted in the Lightshore Collar to maintain the 1.8m distance between posts. This installation can be accomplished safely from the ground, eliminating the need for ladders at this stage of the operation. By working entirely from the ground level, before panel install, the work progresses quickly and safely.

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