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Hünnebeck showcases new shoring system

Hünnebeck showcases new shoring system

8. aprilie 2019

In the shape of its new ST 60 shoring tower, Hünnebeck is exhibiting at bauma an innovative shoring system for formwork applications. The ST 60 is remarkable for its high efficiency, safety, and load capacity.

For tomorrow’s shoring systems, the emphasis will be on speed, ease of handling, and safety throughout the assembly and dismantling stages. The modular ST 60 system being showcased by Hünnebeck in Munich, is tailored precisely to these requirements. The ST 60 system has been used successfully in France since 2015, and with recent DiBT approval, Hünnebeck will make the system available for the German market.

The innovative system has a mere six lightweight basic parts each weighing under 15 kg. These can be mixed and matched to form high-capacity shoring towers in three system dimensions. It takes only two different frame sizes to build towers measuring 113 cm x 113 cm, 150 cm x 150 cm, and 113 cm x 150 cm. A load capacity of up to 240 kN per tower (60 kN per post) and system compatibility with aluminum and steel beams as well as H 20 and R 24 timber beam formwork ensure good load capacity at the typical working heights of between 3 and 15 m.

Among the important features of the ST 60 tower, which conforms to both DIN EN 12810 and DIN EN 12811, are that assembly and dismantling are carried out with leading guardrails, as well as the system of board transfer to the next level (for which a patent has been filed). The Load Class 4 boards are transferred simply and easily from one level to the next using the special lifting handle. First of all, the first board is unlocked and lifted. Then the second one is lifted from the already installed first board which is safely accessed from the ladder rungs integrated into the frame.

Thanks to its flexible footprint, the assembly height variable in increments of one meter, and the jack height of 62 cm at the base and head, each ST 60 can be closely adapted to suit site conditions. Combined, this results in an efficient shoring system thanks to the load-bearing junctions separated by 50 cm increments and permitting positive connections in eight directions.

In the development of the new shoring tower, special attention was given to optimum site transport and handling in every respect. For all frame sizes, just one stacking frame is needed onto which the frames are secured into place for safe transport. The boards, too, are designed to prevent slipping when stacked. Once the tower has been assembled, it can suspended by crane and four ropes for on-site relocation.

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