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QuikDeck access system expediting bridge refurbishment

QuikDeck access system expediting bridge refurbishment

5. mai 2020

Successful Romania premiere: Hünnebeck Romania uses the patented QuikDeck system for the first time in the renovation of an important railway bridge. The QuikDeck platforms suspended from the viaduct provide a continuous, safe working deck and replace a classic spatial scaffold. This reduces the costs of bridge refurbishment and speeds it up.

The „Caracău Viaduct” which was first opened in 1897, is not only the longest viaduct in Romania with a length of 264 m, it is also of great infrastructural importance. The eventful history of the structure is impressive proof of this: the viaduct was destroyed in both world wars and quickly rebuilt as a temporary structure. Since 1946 the viaduct has been standing in its present form: an arched bridge with a reinforced concrete arch in the middle (span: almost 102 m).

Everything from a single source

For the comprehensive refurbishment, scheduled to take two years, Hünnebeck Romania planned a tailor-made solution for the access work, supplied all the necessary components (rental material) and, in addition, organized the assembly and dismantling by its sister company Brand Energy & Infrastructure. „In the run-up to the project, we played out in detail which access strategy would enable us to serve the construction site particularly efficiently,” explains the Hünnebeck specialist in charge of construction. The company favored a solution that made use of as few and flexible components as possible, not least because of the long delivery distances to the construction site. „The QuikDeck system developed by our parent company BrandSafway was the obvious choice. Since last year we have been increasingly establishing this access solution in Europe. Such bridge refurbishment is the classic application for the product.”

What’s special about QuikDeck: By using suspended platforms instead of classic spatial scaffolding, assembly and downtime can be reduced significantly. QuikDeck creates a safe, continuous working level for man and machine with a high load capacity of up to 360 kg/m². At the same time, activities below the platform can continue unhampered.

Deck for all trades

On the Romanian construction site, the QuikDeck access solution offers all trades a safe basis for ergonomic working. Even the inspectors, who as quality assurance officers review and document the execution of the rehabilitation work, always feel safe on the continuous deck.

Simple installation

The selected connection system allows QuikDeck to be installed very quickly wherever needed. The system consists of only a few elements that can be assembled without special tools – either on the ground, in the air or even in areas that are difficult to access. In principle, up to seven levels are accessible with decks of enough capacity to carry working equipment. This makes the suspension system suitable for all types of renovation and refurbishment work on bridges, in railway stations, at airports, in power plants, tunnels or on large roofing structures.


At the Caracău Viaduct, the QuikDecks are supplemented by electrically relocatable temporary working platforms. They are also from the BrandSafway program. Their special feature is that they can be adjusted quickly and flexibly to different heights and therefore serve as access platforms for the rehabilitation work underneath the reinforced concrete arch.

Rapid progress

In the meantime, the refurbishment work is already well advanced and will be completed on schedule in the course of this year – not least thanks to Hünnebeck’s safe access solution.


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