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Hünnebeck launches next generation of Rasto G2 wall formwork

Hünnebeck launches next generation of Rasto G2 wall formwork

8. aprilie 2019

Hünnebeck presents Rasto G2, the next generation of its 60 kN/m² wall formwork for small to medium-sized objects, right on time for bauma. Rasto was designed primarily for residential construction. The light weight of the system allows walls to be formed by hand, but also over large areas with crane support. Innovations such as single-sided ties now make the Rasto G2 even faster and therefore more efficient than before.

Single-sided ties save time and money

„One of the decisive innovations in the Rasto G2 is the efficient single-sided tying technology, which is now also used in a 60 kN/m² formwork system. It enables the construction company to make considerable time and cost savings,” explains Martin von Lom, Managing Director of Hünnebeck Deutschland GmbH. When using the single-sided Rasto G2 tie, wall thicknesses of up to 40 centimeters can easily be continuously adjusted via the tie sleeve. The prefabricated panel holes facilitate the mounting of the tie nuts for single sided tying. The design engineers were also able to exploit the potential for improvement in the tie sleeves: Larger, conical shapes now allow a tie play of around 2.5 degrees. On the XXL panels, reinforced tie holes facilitate the installation of the ties; they also increase the service life of the form lining. If required – for example when the construction project requires thicker walls – traditional DW 15, DW 20 or She-Bolt ties can also be used.

Simple and efficient panel connection

Further advantages of the Rasto G2 generation: It is particularly cost-efficient due to the small number of fasteners required. Two of the newly developed Rasto Clips are sufficient to securely connect two XXL panels with a formwork surface of 12.96 square meters. And: The Rasto Clip can be easily installed –without any additional tools. At the same time, the fasteners can be used as extraction tools for the Rasto sealing cone. There is also a further development for the Rasto clamp, which is used on the panel joints at the outer corners: Clamps that are not currently in use can be „parked” in optional predefined holders. „There is therefore no need for time-consuming searching on the construction site,” says von Lom.

Rigid corner for greater stability

Rasto G2 also features a rigid inner corner for added stability. For optimum alignment, the inner corner has stops for the Rasto clamp. The transport hook engages in the middle, and the panel is picked up symmetrically. Stiffeners are no longer required here. The horizontal bars with the same profiles as the panels improve the connection. Furthermore, the vertical bars increase stability and they provide central connection possibilities for the transport hook.

Universal formwork platform and extensive range of accessories

Another innovation presented by Hünnebeck at bauma 2019 – the universal formwork platform from load class 2 – can be mounted on Rasto formwork across systems, but also on the 80 kN/m² Manto wall formwork. The platform can be used both as a concreting platform and as an intermediate platform.

The special safety mechanisms of the universal formwork platform: It is automatically locked when hooked in place by crane. 360° side protection is already in place when first entering. The crane can be attached and released quickly and safely.

The new universal formwork platform is also characterized by its high levels of flexibility: The bracket can be arranged flexibly on the panel. This provides room for the demand-oriented assembly of formwork accessories. The front railings are complete with swinging entry gates, which operate in both directions and lock at 90°.

Rasto G2 rounds off the extensive range of accessories: These include the rapid strut connection, which enables the quick connection of aligning struts, or the bulkhead clamp, which provides for pressure-resistant stop-ends.

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