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Efficiency and safety for infrastructure construction

Efficiency and safety for infrastructure construction

8. aprilie 2019

Save time and money – without compromising occupational safety: This is the top priority for the construction industry when it comes to infrastructure projects. However, that is not all: Despite construction, it is vital that traffic is able to continue to flow without interruption. Hünnebeck will be presenting innovative solutions for these complex challenges at bauma 2019.

The construction industry’s demand for flexible, modular products and services is currently particularly high. Analyses show that the volume of infrastructure measures will grow significantly until 2020. In some European countries there is a lot of catching up to do in terms of infrastructure, while in others there is a backlog of renovation work.

Flexible systems for complex requirements

„Infrastructure projects in road and bridge construction can be realized particularly efficiently and on schedule with our extremely flexible products and systems,” emphasizes Martin Hemberger, Managing Director of the Hünnebeck Group. „This applies to new buildings as well as to renovation measures. Our customers can also rely on comprehensive services – such as engineering, logistics, pre-assembly and return services.”

At bauma 2019, the presentation of two innovative Hünnebeck systems will be the focus of the infrastructure theme: Infra-Kit and QuikDeck®. Combined with Hünnebeck’s proven formwork and support systems, they allow for formwork and renovation concepts that optimally combine cost-effectiveness and safety.

Each concept is tailored to the customer’s needs by the Hünnebeck infrastructure project team. „Our systems allow almost unlimited flexibility,” explains Martin Hemberger, „which allows them to be perfectly adapted to the most diverse requirements. There is therefore no need for complex special designs.”

Infra-Kit: Portfolio for new bridge construction

Infra-Kit is a modular and versatile system. Thanks to its load-optimized components, it is possible to provide tailor-made formwork concepts for bridge and open tunnel construction. Hünnebeck is supplementing the existing Infra-Kit H (Heavy Duty) – which is specially designed for removing heavy loads – with the new Infra-Kit L (Light System) and Infra-Kit M (Medium) components.

„With Infra-Kit, we provide our customers with an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-handle system that completely covers all the requirements of new bridge construction and can also be used to erect temporary passageways and heavy-duty towers,” summarizes Hemberger. „This versatility of Infra-Kit reduces the planning effort and makes the application of the system particularly cost-efficient.”

The new Infra-Kit components are optimized for bridge superstructures and bridge copings. Infra-Kit M can also be combined seamlessly with Hünnebeck’s self-climbing systems. The modular character of the system allows for unrestricted flexibility with regard to the shape of the formwork and load distribution. All Infra-Kit components are made of unalloyed, hot-dip galvanized steel. They are easy to install and extremely durable.

QuikDeck: Height access thanks to floating factory

The „floating factory” QuikDeck – a BrandSafway development which is now being introduced to the European market – is an easy-to-install multi-point hanging system with up to seven working levels on top of each other. It is particularly suitable as a height access solution for bridge renovations. QuikDeck can also be used for repair work in railway stations, airports or power stations. Different trades can work in parallel on the platforms – even with heavy machines. This ensures fast construction progress.

In addition, QuikDeck offers maximum safety. The reason for this is the multi-dimensioned load carrying capacity of the suspension chains. The dense surfaces and sides of the work platforms offer optimum occupational safety. Another advantage of QuikDeck: In the case of bridge renovations, traffic under the bridge can typically continue with limited interruptions.

Infra-Kit and QuikDeck are based on Hünnebeck’s and BrandSafway´s many years of expertise. The innovative product range is complemented by a variety of services with which the Hünnebeck competence team supports the construction industry in cooperation with local project teams. These services include planning, delivery and assembly as well as dismantling, cleaning and repair.

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