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Hünnebeck Manto G3 wall formwork: the new generation

Hünnebeck Manto G3 wall formwork: the new generation

12. ianuarie 2021

Economical, robust, durable – this is how Hünnebeck characterises its crane-dependent Manto panel formwork for forming large high-quality wall surfaces. The established system is designed for concrete pressures of up to 80 kN/m2 – even when stacked – and is mainly used in industrial and residential construction, but also in infrastructure construction. With continuous development and optimisation, Manto is considered a „particularly efficient, functional and user-friendly system“.

The latest revised Manto G3 generation is fit for the future. The special features:
• Freely selectable anchor technology (one or two-sided).
• Tapered alignment coupler for simple panel connections.
• Ecoply all-plastic formwork lining.
• Special G3 M version with internal anchor points.

Flexible anchoring options

The possibility of efficient one-sided anchoring is one significant advantage of the new Manto G3 generation. A special Manto DW 15 anchor is available as well as the Platinum 100 anchor system without casing, with which the wall thickness can be continuously adjusted (markings facilitate measuring). Alternatively, conventional DW 15 and DW 20 anchors can also be used. Plastic inserts ensure quick and easy adaptation to the different anchor systems.

Simple panel connections with tapered alignment coupler or aligning panel clamp

For the first time, the Manto G3 panels can be equipped with a tapered alignment coupler and integrated tapered alignment coupler holder. This means that the connector is firmly secured to the formwork element and is always automatically in the place where it is needed. No searching, no losing, and the risk of accidents due to parts lying around is also reduced. The tapered alignment coupler can be easily closed simply by striking it with a hammer. In this way, an aligned panel connection that is resistant to tension and pressure is created in a short time, which can also be released just as easily.

Alternatively, the tried-and-tested standard connector – the one-piece Manto aligning panel clamp developed by Hünnebeck – ensures a strong panel connection. Its design principle joins two panels together in a single operation in a tight, tension-resistant and vibration-resistant manner and aligns them at the same time. In principle, both connection methods are so efficient that formwork areas of up to 40 m2 can be moved by crane without additional bracing.

High-quality concrete surfaces

For a consistently good concrete surface with minimal need for cleaning and repair, Hünnebeck has equipped the hot-dip galvanised, torsion-resistant steel frame (14 cm high) of the Manto G3 with a high-quality 19 mm thick Ecoply plastic formwork lining. The advantages of plastic formwork linings are well known: smooth concrete surfaces, no water absorption, no swelling or shrinkage, no loss of load-bearing capacity, reduction of formwork lining changes. What‘s more, reinforced anchoring sleeves in the new Manto G3 protect the formwork lining from damage caused by the tie rod. Countersunk rivets also improve the concrete appearance and make it easier to clean the panels.

Thanks to all these advantages, Hünnebeck estimates that the Ecoply plastic formwork lining can be used for up to three times longer than traditional wooden formwork linings.

Symmetrical anchor pattern

Hünnebeck has launched the special Manto G3 M system version in order to meet the highest demands in terms of concrete appearance. The G3 M panels (fully compatible with G3) have internal anchoring points and thus achieve an orderly anchor and joint pattern. Particularly suitable for exposed concrete: The G3 M large panels with the dimensions 240 cm x 330 cm and 240 cm x 270 cm offer an enormously large formwork surface with only a few anchoring points and joints.

Optimised panels

The stable G3 panels are optimised in various details:
• Main profiles have new anchor holes with increased anchor inclination for easy one-sided anchoring.
• Additional vertical ledgers increase panel stability and reduce the number of connectors – a particular advantage especially for stacking.
• Vertical ledgers make it possible to flexibly connect accessories, e.g. alignment struts and platforms.
• Cross holes in the frame for slings make transport on the construction site easier.
• Optionally, the panels can be equipped with integrated holders for standard connectors.

High system utilisation

With the latest Manto Generation G3, too, a practical, comprehensive range of panels forms the basis for high application flexibility. Panel heights of 120 cm, 270 cm and 330 cm with widths between 30 cm and 120 cm (in 15 cm increments) as well as large panels with heights of 270 cm or 330 cm with a width of 240 cm are available. All panels can also be used horizontally or vertically.

Particularly practical for everyday use on construction sites: 90° outside corners can be easily made from standard panels without the need for special parts, and they are connected with the Manto corner clamp.

Extensive range of accessories for a wide range of applications

The extensive range of G3-compatible Manto accessories extends the system‘s range of applications and simplifies handling for special tasks. In addition to the standard connections, there are, for example, special connectors such as the corner clamp or the adjustable aligning panel clamp. A specially developed Manto shaft corner facilitates and speeds up the shuttering and striking of shafts.


The new Manto G3 can of course be combined with the previous Manto as well as many other products from the Hünnebeck range: for example, with the manually operated Rasto panel formwork, the Ronda circular formwork and the large Platinum 100 formwork that can withstand loads of up to 100 kN/m².

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