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Hünnebeck Multi-Mover facilitates horizontal formwork transport

Hünnebeck Multi-Mover facilitates horizontal formwork transport

8. aprilie 2019

At bauma 2019 in Munich, Hünnebeck will be presenting a new electric travel carriage for the horizontal transport of formwork – the Hünnebeck Multi-Mover.

„Transport on the construction site is made much easier with the Multi-Mover. Its narrow dimensions and high degree of maneuverability make it very easy to move the car longitudinally, transversely and diagonally even in confined spaces,” explains Martin von Lom, Managing Director of Hünnebeck Deutschland GmbH. The new travel carriage can also bypass supports and obstacles without any problems. This is an enormous advantage when formwork has to be moved horizontally on site and crane capacities are scarce. The maximum payload of the Multi-Mover is 1 ton.

Topmax slab tables can be conveniently moved from a height of 1.90 meters to 7.50 meters with the help of the new vehicle. The extension is carried out by means of stacking and levelling frames. The rotary heads, which can be set at two different heights, provide additional flexibility.

Thanks to integrated automatic devices such as impact protection and the emergency stop button, the electrically operated Multi-Mover is also impressive from a safety point of view: The vehicle is designed to start and also brake gently – so nothing can slip. Nevertheless, the Multi-Mover is faster than a manual travel carriage and also much more ergonomic. The Multi-Mover is equipped with pre-defined crane attachment points for moving the travel unit, which provides additional safety.

The practical battery operation of the Multi-Mover is also suitable for construction sites. It can be conveniently recharged via a European socket. The European SchuKo plug type F is standard, but any socket with a charging capacity of 220 to 240 V can be used together with an adapter.

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