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Hünnebeck EPS offers maximum side protection on building edges

Hünnebeck EPS offers maximum side protection on building edges

8. aprilie 2019

Working on building edges poses a particular risk during construction. A robust and reliable protective device is required here that satisfies all requirements for occupational safety. The new Hünnebeck EPS system, which Hünnebeck will be presenting at bauma 2019, impresses thanks to its high degree of functionality, easy installation and flexible application possibilities.

Safety first

„With Hünnebeck EPS we offer a solution that minimizes one of the biggest risks in our industry,” says Martin von Lom, Managing Director of Hünnebeck. Compared with other sectors, employees in the construction industry are exposed to particularly high accident and health risks. A large proportion of all serious accidents at work occur on construction sites. When working at heights, guardrails help to prevent life-threatening falls. A new innovation in this area is the patented Hünnebeck EPS system, which is used floor by floor in building construction. It meets all the requirements of EN 13374:2018 (Classes A & B) „Temporary side protection systems” and thus provides comprehensive protection against fall hazards at the edge of buildings. The system is comprised of a mesh panel with integral toe board, and the EPS Post, which relies on compression to secure its position between floor and ceiling.

Installation in the twinkling of an eye

Hünnebeck EPS not only impresses with its components: The system can also be set up particularly quickly and easily in just three steps. There is no need to use any additional tools, drills or fastenings. Additional installation time can be saved thanks to the large post spacing of 2.7 meters. „Our measurements have shown that Hünnebeck EPS can be erected at one meter per minute. This is significantly faster than traditional systems with screw fastenings,” says von Lom.

Versatile applications with a long service life

Hünnebeck EPS can also be used as protection for stairwells, as protection for storage areas or as side protection for trench systems. There are hardly any limits to the application height: The Hünnebeck EPS grilles can be used simply as standard side protection, double mounted on top of each other as increased side protection or triple mounted on top of each other as complete enclosures. Their high impact load corresponds to the impact of a 50 kilograms mass traveling at a speed of 23.9 kilometers per hour.Galvanized steel materials with additional powder coating ensure a particularly long service life.

Height-adjustable supporting element with great resistance

The grilles are supported by the Hünnebeck EPS post, which can be easily braced between the floor and ceiling. The innovative support covers a height of 3.4 meters. If required, an extra-long post up to 4.3 meters is also available. All heights can be covered with the EPS system. The pressure mechanism of the EPS post resists at least two million load cycles. A visible indicator also shows whether the system has been properly installed – another clear safety benefit.

In addition, the Hünnebeck EPS range includes a Horizontal Net safety device that complies with class B1 for nets. A test certificate issued by the Lloyds British Testing Institute confirms the high durability of the material, which is rated for both people and materials.

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