Comunicate de presă

Comunicate de presă

Hünnebeck special formwork: pier manufacturing like on an assembly line

11. februarie 2021

More than one hundred bridge piers in exposed concrete quality are needed for the new construction of the 1.3 km long and 16 m high bridge in the Neckar valley near Heilbronn. Ready-to-use Hünnebeck special formwork shapes the geometrically complex pier shafts and heads and allows the construction team made up of HOCHTIEF Infrastructure and […]

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Hünnebeck Manto G3 wall formwork: the new generation

12. ianuarie 2021

Economical, robust, durable – this is how Hünnebeck characterises its crane-dependent Manto panel formwork for forming large high-quality wall surfaces. The established system is designed for concrete pressures of up to 80 kN/m2 – even when stacked – and is mainly used in industrial and residential construction, but also in infrastructure construction. With continuous development […]

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High-performance double act for extreme heights: Topmax floor table and Gass shoring system

26. octombrie 2020

A particularly efficient and safe formwork solution for slab surfaces at height is the combination of the Topmax floor table and the Gass shoring system from Hünnebeck. This is demonstrated by the rapid progress of construction work on the large “Berliner Haus”project site in Wolfsburg. The building ensemble consists of a roughly 45 m tall […]

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ST 60 shoring towers moving from section to section

19. august 2020

The building of a new warehouse at decommissioned Brunsbüttel nuclear power plant calls for formwork solutions that take little time to erect on site. Among other things, the Züblin project team used four movable shoring units from the Hünnebeck ST 60 system. This meant that the 5,600 m² reinforced concrete roof could be poured in […]

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QuikDeck access system expediting bridge refurbishment

5. mai 2020

Successful Romania premiere: Hünnebeck Romania uses the patented QuikDeck system for the first time in the renovation of an important railway bridge. The QuikDeck platforms suspended from the viaduct provide a continuous, safe working deck and replace a classic spatial scaffold. This reduces the costs of bridge refurbishment and speeds it up. The „Caracău Viaduct” […]

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Aruncați o privire: noul website Hünnebeck

24. martie 2020

Suntem încântați să vă prezentăm noul nostru website.  Pe veți găsi referințe interesante despre proiecte, informații utile despre produse și multe altele! Nu ezitați să aruncați o privire! În noua noastră casetă de instrumente “toolbox” din partea dreaptă a ecranului, veți găsi instrumente utile care vă pot ajuta în activitatea dvs. de zi cu […]

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