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Rasto G2: the new lightweight wall formwork

Rasto G2: the new lightweight wall formwork

23. March 2021

Small to medium-sized objects in residential construction are the main field of application for manually operated and crane-operated steel frame formwork Rasto from Hünnebeck. Stability, practicality and durability are the hallmarks of this universally applicable wall formwork for concrete pressures up to 60 kN/m2. However, there is always room for improvement: According to the manufacturer, „The system is more economical and durable than ever“ thanks to various design innovations.

Highlights of the Rasto G2 system include:
• One-sided anchoring technology.
• Tool-free quick panel connection with Rasto clamping lever.
• High-quality 15 mm thick Ecoply all-plastic formwork lining with anchor hole reinforcement made of stainless steel.
• Robust fully galvanised 12 cm high steel frame.
• Optimised panels with comprehensive functionalities.

Anchoring made easy

The flexible use of different anchor systems makes using the Rasto G2 particularly economical. Above all, the possibility of efficient one sided anchoring ensures significant time and thus cost savings. When anchoring on one side with the M/R anchor, wall thicknesses of up to 45 cm can be easily and continuously adjusted via the cladding tube. In addition to single-sided anchors, traditional DW 15 anchors can of course also be used.

Particularly practical:
• Prefabricated holes in the frame make it easier to fit the anchor nuts.
• Anchor sleeves make anchor installation easier
• Anchor hole reinforcements made of stainless steel extend the service life of the formwork lining.

Simple, economical panel connection

The newly developed Rasto clamping lever plays a major role in the time-saving handling of the Rasto G2. The cost-effective connector is operated manually and does not require any further tools in order to create a tight, tension-resistant and misalignment-free connection between two adjacent formwork elements. One of the most time-consuming tasks in shuttering is thus made much easier and shorter. Two clamping levers are sufficient, for example, to connect two XXL panels (formwork area: 12.96 m2 ) quickly and securely. At the same time, the new clamping lever can also be used as an extraction tool for the Rasto sealing cone.

The standard connector is the tried-and-tested one-piece Rasto aligning panel clamp. It connects panels stably, tightly and flush with each other in just one step and aligns them at the same time. To do this, simply screw the clamp shut and tighten it with a hammer. New: If the clamps are not being used, they can be „parked“ in the panel, where there are predefined holders for them. This makes day-to-day work easier and avoids time-consuming searches.

Strong panels with new functionalities

The „parking function“ is possible thanks to new, additional vertical ledgers on the panels. They increase panel stability and also enable transport hooks and alignment struts to be connected centrally. In addition, the panels offer connection options (e.g. through additional drill holes) for strut quick connectors, front tie nuts and rear tie nuts (for one-sided anchoring) as well as other time-saving accessories. The one-piece bulkhead clamp with a wall thickness presetting option is quick and easy to assemble, and it can also be used as a dry anchor.

High-quality concrete surface thanks to plastic formwork lining

Real added value is offered by the standard equipment of the Rasto G2 formwork with the 15 mm thick high-quality Ecoply plastic formwork lining with anchor hole reinforcements made of stainless steel. This not only offers a degree of use that is three times higher on average than conventional plywood coverings, but also represents a permanently high-quality concrete surface with little need for cleaning and repair work. The robust, fully galvanised, 12 mm high steel frame profile of the Rasto G2 panel plays its part in making the formwork easy to maintain and durable.

High system utilisation

With Rasto G2, the user has the choice: The system can be operated by hand for tight small jobs; while the crane can provide a helping hand for larger tasks. Whether wall, foundation, shaft or column: the Rasto G2 offers a wide, well thought-out range of panels with practical widths from 30 cm to 240 cm and heights between 120 cm and 270 cm as well as the XXL large panel (240 x 270 cm) and various multi- purpose panels. Outside corners can be easily made from standard panels.

The flexible combination options of the panels in combination with the easy-to-use connectors (the new clamping lever, the aligning panel clamp, but also the corner and combination clamps) make the Rasto G2 wall formwork fit for a wide range of applications and ensure a high degree of system utilisation.

Purchase recommendation

In summary, Hünnebeck recommends the Rasto G2 panel formwork to all users who want to invest in a universally applicable, durable, manually operable formwork system that impresses with a high level of efficiency and quality on the construction site.

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