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More cost-efficient than ever: The Manto G3 wall formwork system

More cost-efficient than ever: The Manto G3 wall formwork system

8. kwietnia 2019

At bauma 2019, Hünnebeck presents the Manto G3 wall formwork for the first time – the new generation of 80 kN/m² formwork system for large wall areas and rapid construction progress. High levels of functionality and durability have always been the outstanding features of this system, which is frequently used in industrial and infrastructure construction. Numerous further developments now mean the formwork is even faster and more flexible. Compatibility with the Manto G2 generation is maintained.

Save time and money with single-sided tying

„The new, single-sided tie technology of the Manto G3 formwork ensures faster construction progress,” says Martin von Lom, Managing Director of Hünnebeck Deutschland GmbH. This is possible with the Platinum 100 tie system and with a special Manto DW 15 ties. Alternatively, conventional DW 15 and DW 20 ties as well as She-Bolt ties and Taper Ties can be used. With the Platinum 100 tie, the wall thickness can be infinitely adjusted for single-sided tying; markings at a distance of 2.5 centimeters make the process easier. Compared to the previous generation, the Manto G3 has larger tie openings; these allow an tie clearance of up to ± 2.5°, and therefore make work easier. Interchangeable plastic inserts protect the tie openings from concrete contamination and allow quick adaptation to the various tying systems.

New panels are more stable and easier to assemble

The panels of the Manto G3 generation have also been modernized and further upgraded. Vertical bars have been added to increase stability and offer connection options for the transport hook. They also serve as quick connectors for aligning struts and for fast standard formwork alignment and securing from the ground. This also ensures efficiency in the construction process, reducing time spent searching for small components on the jobsite.

A new addition is the rigid Manto G3 inner corner: It provides additional stability while eliminating the need for stiffeners. The cross bars have the same profile as the panels, enabling seamless transitions. The elimination of open profiles reduces contamination and hence cleaning costs.

Plastic form lining creates a high-quality and even concrete appearance

The new 19 millimeter thick plastic form lining also means less cleaning effort is required. It produces a high-quality and even concrete appearance, reducing the need for concrete finishing work. Its long service life (approx. 3 times as long as traditional wooden form linings) is further improved by steel-coated tie openings – which prevent damage to the form lining by the tie bars.

Using the Manto G3 M system variant to create a symmetrical tying pattern

In the special system variant Manto G3 M, the panels – in contrast to the G3 generation – have internal tying points. This ensures a symmetrical tying pattern. The wide range of accessories for the Manto G3 system can of course also be used with these panels.

Universal formwork platform and extensive accessories

Another innovation presented by Hünnebeck at bauma 2019 – the universal formwork platform from load class 2 – can be mounted on Manto formwork systems, but also on the smaller, 60 kN/m² Rasto wall formwork. The platform can be used both as a concreting platform and as an intermediate platform.

The special safety mechanisms of the universal formwork platform: It is automatically locked when hooked in place by crane. 360° side protection is already in place when first entering. The crane can be attached and released quickly and safely .

The new universal formwork platform is also characterized by its high levels of flexibility: The bracket can therefore be arranged flexibly on the panel. This provides room for the demand-oriented assembly of formwork accessories. The front railings are complete with swinging entry gates, which operate in both directions and lock at 90°.

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