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Forming and shoring

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Budowa Wave Apartments – Międzyzdroje

25. listopada 2020

Nad brzegiem Bałtyku Greenhouse Development ukończył właśnie I etap kompleksu Wave Apartments, który składa się z trzech 10-piętrowych apartamentowców oraz zespołu basenów rekreacyjnych. Mieliśmy przyjemność wspierać tę inwestycję do projektując wykorzystanie i dostarczając nasze deskowania na plac budowy. Garaże zaprojektowaliśmy w naszych podstawowych deskowaniach ściennych: lekkim deskowaniu RASTO-TAKKO i wielkopowierzchniowym MANTO, które zostało indywidualnie dopasowane […]


High-performance double act for extreme heights: Topmax floor table and Gass shoring system

26. października 2020

A particularly efficient and safe formwork solution for slab surfaces at height is the combination of the Topmax floor table and the Gass shoring system from Hünnebeck. This is demonstrated by the rapid progress of construction work on the large “Berliner Haus”project site in Wolfsburg. The building ensemble consists of a roughly 45 m tall […]


ST 60 shoring towers moving from section to section

19. sierpnia 2020

The building of a new warehouse at decommissioned Brunsbüttel nuclear power plant calls for formwork solutions that take little time to erect on site. Among other things, the Züblin project team used four movable shoring units from the Hünnebeck ST 60 system. This meant that the 5,600 m² reinforced concrete roof could be poured in […]


QuikDeck access system expediting bridge refurbishment

5. maja 2020

Successful Romania premiere: Hünnebeck Romania uses the patented QuikDeck system for the first time in the renovation of an important railway bridge. The QuikDeck platforms suspended from the viaduct provide a continuous, safe working deck and replace a classic spatial scaffold. This reduces the costs of bridge refurbishment and speeds it up. The „Caracău Viaduct” […]


Hünnebeck special formwork for fair-faced concrete

17. grudnia 2019

A construction site featuring fair-faced concrete of ultimate quality (class 4) poured to perfection – there’s no such thing is the common opinion of many experts. They’re wrong though! The extension of the Max Planck Institute in Mülheim, Germany, testifies to the contrary. If the material is right and everyone involved pulls together, top-class fair-faced […]


New Continental headquarters

13. grudnia 2019

Top shuttering times thanks to Topmax and Topec In order to complete the shell of Continental’s new corporate headquarters in Hannover as quickly as possible, the ZÜBLIN team entrusted with the project, is working closely with Hünnebeck’s own formwork experts during the planning and logistic stages. Most important factor: fast shuttering times. A perfectly coordinated […]


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