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High-performance double act for extreme heights: Topmax floor table and Gass shoring system

High-performance double act for extreme heights: Topmax floor table and Gass shoring system

26. oktober 2020

A particularly efficient and safe formwork solution for slab surfaces at height is the combination of the Topmax floor table and the Gass shoring system from Hünnebeck. This is demonstrated by the rapid progress of construction work on the large “Berliner Haus”project site in Wolfsburg. The building ensemble consists of a roughly 45 m tall office tower (twelve stories with 6,500 m² of rental space) and an adjoining hotel complex – two transverse blocks (8,000 m² of rental space), each of which has seven stories and space for 260 rooms.

Projektgesellschaft Berliner Haus GmbH & Co.KG (a joint venture between ABG Real Estate Group and Hecker GmbH, Wolfsburg) is developing the inner-city real estate on a 22,000 m² site in a prime central location, with the main railroad station, VW Autostadt and Volkswagen Arena all only a short walking distance away. Aiming to complete this large-scale project in the first half of 2022, Köster GmbH is acting as the general contractor.

The building carcass is thus advancing rapidly under the supervision of site manager Tim Olbrich and project manager Thorsten Friedrichs. The regular floor plan of the eye-catching office tower – a reinforced concrete skeleton structure – presents ideal conditions for the use of the Topmax system, which is particularly suitable for large ceiling areas with a high level of repetition. Depending on the conditions on site, the steel-frame floor table can easily achieve shuttering and stripping times of 0.15 to 0.3 h/m² – with slab thicknesses of up to 50 cm. Time is also saved by the Topmax transfer fork, which can be used to move 26 m² of table surface area in a single crane lift. After the first few months of use, foreman Wolfgang Reichel makes the following assessment: “We’d already heard a lot of good things about the Topmax floor table in advance. Now we know that our expectations have in fact been exceeded.”

Designed for efficiency in every detail

This positive assessment sums it up in a nutshell: the Topmax system has been designed in every detail for practicability and efficiency. The extremely heavy-duty 12 cm high steel frames of the 5.40 m long and 1.80 or 2.40 m wide Topmax floor tables have an all-round edge guard and are hot-dip galvanized and powder coated. Together with the Ecoply all-plastic form lining, this all makes for many reuses with little cleaning and repair work.

The multifunctional connection options on the steel frame of the Topmax tables make the system extremely suitable for practical use. These include, for example:

  • the simple connection of two floor tables with centering clamps,
  • the simple combination with panels from the Rasto system for infill and adjustment areas,
  • the time-saving erection of Hünnebeck’s own Protecto edge-protection system.

Gass shoring for high slabs

On the Wolfsburg high-rise construction site, slabs are being shuttered at heights of 3.15 m (standard floor), 6.60 m (open façade with glazed conservatory) and 8.25 m (foyer). For the large heights, the Hünnebeck formwork experts proposed the efficient yet lightweight Gass modular aluminum system as the formwork support. Quickly assembled, it requires only three basic components: prop, middle section and frame. Because even the heaviest system part weighs only 22 kg, but the load capacity per leg is up to 140 kN, high-performing structures can be assembled speedily and intuitively from a just a small number of Gass elements. A particular advantage is that the secured frames can be attached at any point on the prop – no special tools are required for this, only a hammer.

The contractors on the large construction site in Wolfsburg were quickly impressed by the simple, safe handling of the Gass system: “A really practical system that is great to work with,” was the site team’s verdict. The combination of Gass towers with Topmax floor tables also went off without a hitch. For this purpose, the Topmax multi-adapter is fastened to the Gass prop with four ring bolt clamps from leg to leg.

Optimized stockpiling

The two hotel blocks are advancing upwards at the same pace as the high-rise. There is considerably more wall area here, which is why Hünnebeck is supplying up to 1,600 m² of Manto large-frame formwork to the site. Thanks to optimized stockpiling, around 650 m² Topmax and approx. 1,300 m² Topec are also in use. “This is as little as possible and as much as necessary to achieve an optimum work cycle and construction progress on the three parts of the building,” says site manager Tim Olbrich.

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