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Formwork shoring with ST 60 towers is an impressive solution

Formwork shoring with ST 60 towers is an impressive solution

6. February 2020

A few lightweight parts, generous load-bearing capacity and safe, ergonomic assembly: Hünnebeck’s new ST 60 shoring tower is a modern system for formwork construction that quickly attracts on-site friends. This also applies to the building of a sports facility in Solingen. Here, the innovative modular system is used as a 10 m high shoring system for the production of the large cast-in-place concrete girders. At the same time, it serves as a working platform for the slab formwork of the intermediate bays.

“We were looking for a high-performance support system that could be erected very quickly and very safely at the same time,” says Paulo dos Reis Silva, formulating the requirements of the contractor AUG.PRIEN GmbH & Co.KG (Dortmund branch). Dos Reis Silva is a senior foreman and knows all about shoring structures. His judgement has weight: “In this project we worked with the ST 60 tower for the first time. The system fully impressed and will be used frequently by us in the future”. There is a reason for this, which the Hünnebeck expert responsible for site supervision explains: “Neither a classic shoring system nor the alternative variant consisting of ID 15 towers could have been so easily erected and dismantled below the finished slab.

Ergonomic handling

Hethen points to an important feature of the ST 60 shoring tower: its secure assembly and disassembly from inside the tower at all times. This is ensured by the leading side guards and a patented board transfer method. The boards (load class 4) are simply and ergonomically transferred to the next level with a lifting handle specially designed for this purpose. Another advantage is the simplicity of the system which consists of only six basic parts, none of which weighs more than 15 kg. With only two frames, three tower widths can be produced: 113 cm x 113 cm, 150 cm x 150 cm and 113 cm x 150 cm. The system’s loadability of up to 240 kN per shoring tower (60 kN per post) and its compatibility with aluminum and steel beams and timber formwork beams (H 20 und R 24) are an assurance of high load-bearing capacity and safe load discharge at the typical application heights of 3 to 15 m.

Less material

The savings in material and thus in assembly time were indeed noticeable on the Solingen construction site, confirms the experienced foreman. “Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity, we can work with fewer towers, with wider intervals in between,” explains dos Reis Silva. They can also easily and flexibly combine to form a highly effective spatial scaffold. High-duty load-bearing junctions at 50 cm intervals are possible, permitting tight connections in eight directions. In addition, several factors ensure optimum adaptability of the ST 60 towers to the local conditions:

  • variable footprint,
  • variable height at one-meter increments
  • a jack height of up to 62 cm at the head and base.

Hünnebeck Service

The Hünnebeck formwork experts were responsible for the preliminary technical planning of the 10 m high, 30 m wide and 20 m long shoring system. According to their instructions, the site personnel assembled the ST 60 towers underneath the still to be produced massive cast-in-place concrete trusses and slab bays and connected them to form a spatial scaffold. “We were immediately impressed by the ergonomics and safety of the ST 60 tower. And although it was a premiere, we very quickly understood the assembly principle,” concludes the site team with a thoroughly positive conclusion.

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